PANEL 1 - Speaker

Joshua Aizenman joined the faculty at University of Southern California in 2013, where he serves as the Dockson Chair in Economics and International Relations. Joshua also serves as a Research Associate for the National Bureau of Economic Research, and occasional Special Issues co-editor for the Journal of International Money and Finance. Other affiliations have included teaching and research positions at UC Santa Cruz (served as a Presidential Chair of Economics), Dartmouth (served as the Champion Professor of International Economics), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Chicago GSB, University of Pennsylvania, and a co-editor for the Journal of International Money and Finance (2010 – 2021). Consulting relationships include the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. A common thread of Aizenman’s research has been applying a generalized cost benefit approach to international economics and economic development, recognizing political economy goals and constraints. His work aims at interpreting observed patterns, studying conditions under which policies may help or hinder the performance of the economy, and the role of institutions and regulations. His work covers a range of issues in the open economy, including commercial and financial policies, crises in emerging markets, foreign direct investment, capital controls, and exchange rate regimes.